The Child Prodigy

Keba Williams’ music career began in Trinidad & Tobago where she earned national recognition from the early age of 11 for her achievements as a clarinetist. A child prodigy to some, she was awarded Best Wind Instrumentalist by the National Music Festival for two consecutive years and was once the youngest member of the National Symphony Orchestra. A multifaceted musician, Keba also sang and played the piano and steel‐drum growing up and has been entertaining crowds since she was 8 years old. Today, she is a singer-songwriter by trade. Her original songs have been acclaimed by the USA Songwriting Competition, International Songwriting Competition and Unsigned Only Music Competition.

A Labrat in the Making

After completing high school in Trinidad, Keba moved to the United States where she began her college education at sixteen. In 2008, she was accepted into both the Pre-Med and Music departments at Florida International University. Her interest in both fields prompted her to pursue a dual degree. Keba burst onto the Miami music scene in 2011, after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry, Phi Beta Kappa. With her second degree, a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance, Keba brings over 5 years of professional experience in vocal coaching, music education and artist development to the lab. 

From Jingles to Wildfire

During her final semester at FIU, Keba met a jingle producer by the name of Erik Nunez at Animal Music, where she was called in to record a demo for an Axe commercial by FIU colleague, Daniel Lepervanche. It would be her introduction to the advertising world in which she recorded jingles for Honda, McDonald’s and Coors Light to name a few. Erik, who also produced R&B/Funk music, took interest in Keba as a vocalist and they began sharing some of their individual work. She worked alongside producer Erik Nunez to write her first studio album, entitled Wildfire, which was independently released in 2013. During this time, Keba developed a keen interest in music production. The introductory track, Let It Be, was the first song Keba wrote, arranged, produced and performed. 

Keba the Recording Artist

Wildfire is a fusion of R&B, Soul and Funk. It brings together the various musical influences Keba found in classic artists like Chaka Khan, Whitney Houston, Anita Baker and many more. Since the release of Wildfire, Keba has taken Miami by storm; headlining venues such as The Stage, Avenue D Jazz & Blues Club, Clandestino Pub, Rokbar, Le Baoli, Open Stage Club, American Rock Bar, and Hard Rock Cafe. Keba has also done a series of live performances in the cities of San Francisco CA, Atlanta GA and Myrtle Beach SC. She made her international debut in April 2015 as an opening act for Jill Scott and Kool & the Gang at the Tobago Jazz Experience. 

Keba Musik to Labrat Music

When Keba Williams and Erik Nunez came together to build the independent brand Keba Musik, they did not foresee the independent label that would soon become their next masterplan. In 2014, they invested in a studio space in the heart of the Historical Studio District in North Miami; a venture which would lead to Labrat Music, Miami’s first experimental sound design and music production studio.