Years in the Making

Erik Nunez brings 26 years experience as a sound engineer to the lab. His portfolio of 15 years as a jingle composer and sound designer is extensive and as an accomplished music producer, he has worked with a host of internationally acclaimed artists. In the realm of advertising, Erik has produced publicized works for Ford, Toyota, Honda, McDonald’s , Wendy’s, Florida Lottery, Comcast, AT&T, Axe, FOX and  Colgate, among several other major corporations. Over the years, Erik’s work earned him recognition and awards through reputable agencies such as Latin Works, Lapiz, Alma DDB, Conill, República and Zubi to name a few.

Video/Film Projects

In addition to his work in advertising, Erik participated in broadcasted cultural projects such as Celia the Queen and War at Guam, documentaries for which he produced/mixed the sound design and film score. In 2002 he composed the anthem for the Volleyball World Cup, hosted in Argentina. The 2006 Miami Short Film Festival Winner, Vanilla o Chocolate, is also on Erik's list of noteworthy film projects. 

Early Music Career

Erik’s inclination toward music as a career began in his teenage years. At 17, he directed his own band with dreams of being like Argentinian pop phenomenon, Soda Stereo. Only a couple years later, Erik’s ambition drove him to international success as a bass player with rock sensation, Bravo. The band grew famous in Argentina and neighboring South American countries such as Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile. They were number one on the rock charts and appeared on various television broadcasting networks with the success of their award winning albums.

Coming to America

At the beginning of the new millennium, Erik opted to migrate to the United States in pursuit of his ultimate dream to produce original music on a grander scale. In 2003, he worked alongside Juan Carlos DiPietro at prime jingle house, Promidi International Corporation and in 2004, Erik landed a position as one of the lead producers for Animal Music Miami. There, Erik was at the center of their success in the Miami advertising scene from 2004-2014. 

Erik, the Producer

Even as Erik’s prowess in advertising grew, he continued to explore opportunities to produce artists, specifically in the R&B/Soul genre. Once in Miami, he worked with renowned artists, such as John Minnis (Diamond girl), Donna Allen (The Voice),  Jim Johnson and Pitbull. With a particular interest in artist development, Erik was still in search of a new artist to build a fresh sound with. During the production of a commercial for Axe, he was introduced to singer-songwriter, Keba Williams through fellow producer and mutual colleague, Daniel Lepervanche. Keba visited Animal Music to record vocals along with a chorus of other ladies. Erik was impressed by her unique tone and reached out to her about the possibility of working together on original music.

Labrat Music

Erik Nunez and Keba Williams soon formed a solid musical team. A handful of original songs quickly turned into a full album, Wildfire, which the pair released independently in January 2013. By the year 2014, they invested in their own studio space which would later facilitate the launch of Labrat Music, Miami’s first experimental sound design and music production studio. .