The month of April was filled with exciting releases from a wide range of artists from Frank Ocean's surprise release, to Juanes. Just in case you missed out on the best songs, we took the time to gather our favorites from the past month that you definitely shouldn't miss out on.

Gorillaz - "Out of Body"

Though it’s incredibly hard to narrow down one favorite song from Gorillaz’s new album Humanz, we found that "Out of Body", was the one that refused to leave our heads after listening. The apocalyptic party anthem features Kilo Kish who acts as a host, informing people to drop their worldly possessions before freeing their souls and entering the party. The song leads up to a euphoric dance break near the end with vocals by Imani Voshna. The deep, twisted anthem carries the themes that thread through the rest of the album and instills in us the urge to party until the world ends.

Juanes - "El Ratico"

Releasing yet another single from his anticipated album Mis Planes Son Amarte, Juanes is back accompanied by Kali Uchis on “El Ratico”. The two singers hinted at a collaboration last summer and after almost a full year later, we can’t deny that the wait was well worth it. The lyrics bounce back and forth between the two singers, explaining a failed, bittersweet relationship that wasn’t mean to be. Despite the bitter goodbye of a potential lover, the song is an instant summer hit that will most definitely be left on repeat. Juanes’ Mis Planes Son Amarte will be released on May 12th.

Paramore - "Hard Times"

After three years since their last release, Paramore is back with their new single, "Hard Times", which interestingly enough is very distant from their past sounds of heavy, emo, rock elements. Paramore still kept the rock, intertwining it with pop, making it reminiscent of the sounds of the 80s. Lead singer Hayley Williams sings over guitar riffs and drums, describing her depressive state she stated she suffered under due to personal issues. The song is the lead single from the bands fifth album, After Laughter, to be released on May 12th.

Lana Del Rey - "Lust For Life"

Following up after her first single, “Love”, off her new upcoming record, Lana Del Rey released her second single named after the album, Lust For Life, accompanied by The Weeknd. "Lust For Life" is a hazy ride into a Hollywood dream with Lana whispering “Climb up the H, of the Hollywood sign, In these stolen moments, the world is mine,” capturing her desire to live life to the fullest and continue to do what she loves. The song is a further look into the dark, alluring world of her new album, due out sometime this summer.

Allie X - "Paper Love"

Returning with her new single off her second LP, COLLXTION II, Allie X’s “Paper Love” is everything we’ve been waiting for. The songs intro filled with whistles and bass introduces us to a slightly different sound we’ve familiarized ourselves with from her last EP. She stated that the song is about “a love so fragile that it dissolves when you put it into the water." The song has given us an addictive taste of COLLXTION II, which is out on June 9th.

Sevdaliza - "The Language of Limbo" 

Sevdaliza’s debut album, ISON, is more than we could ever hope for, pulling us into what sounds like a whole other dimension of music. “The Language of Limbo” definitely sits in our top few favorites, revolving around the frustrations of miscommunication between lovers. Starting with piano chords and a warped voice slurring "vanity is my favorite sin”, her vocals enter, accompanied by drums as she asks “without translation, would I be limited in aim?" The violins inject a suspenseful tone through out, rising in and out around her aching vocals, and sending us into a meditative state.

Frank Ocean - "Lens"

"Lens" was released during Frank Ocean's “blonded RADIO” show recently. The song gravitates more to the familiar sound of Channel Orange, in a more simplistic, narrative approach. The lyrics over the electric piano that guides the song delve into Ocean’s thoughts in hiding a relationship with a man, and eventually making peace with who you are and shedding shame from yourself. Though the song comes off as simplistic, the feelings and thoughts filling the mind of the singer is anything but that.

SZA - "Love Galore"

First teased all the way back in November via her instagram, "Love Galore" was finally released this month, featuring rapper Travis Scott. The song displays the hurt and regret over a past lover, with Scott responding back to her, claiming that it was her fault for the failed relationship. The two artists make peace with their pain and mutually agree to move on near the end of the song, which is from SZA’s upcoming album, Ctrl, due out sometime this year.