Whether they're just starting out or underground gems, we decided to give a much needed shout out to some of our favorite, underrated artists who you should most definitely be adding to your playlists.


Dutch-Iranian singer Sevdaliza had started her career in 2015 with the release of two EP's, Children of Silk and The Suspended Kid, and brought us into an introspective world of personal reflections and womanhood. The two beautifully orchestrated EP's sit in a genreless world of its own with its unique production, setting themselves apart from anything we have heard in a while. Her first full length LP, ISON, navigates through love, individuality and power with a cohesive marriage between heavy hip hop beats and live instruments. Sevdaliza is in a complete league of her own and has proved it once again with her recent debut album. Our favorite song: "Amandine Insensible"

Allie X

Dominating the world of synth-pop, Allie X is easily one of the most interesting singer/songwriter’s emerging from the past few years. Arriving with her debut album COLLXTION I in 2015, the canadian singer's music bursts with heavy bass and wavering synths that dance around her light vocals. Highlights from her first album include “Catch” and “Prime”, with a catchy chorus booming with lyrics declaring youth as the prime of our existence. Since then, pop music's newest gem has released a handful of songs leading up to her highly anticipated second studio release COLLXTION II, to be released on June 9th. Our favorite song (so far): Too Much To Dream


Booming with aggressive guitar riffs and menacing twangs, brothers Eion and Rory Loveless of Drenge clearly have something to say, leaving the listener wrapped in their twisted world of heavy rock. With two albums out so far, the british rock band, with elements of punk and grunge, have turned their heavy emotions into explosive collections of songs, with lyrics tainted with melancholy and rage. Their second album, Undertow, dives deeper into their world displaying their sharpened skills at songwriting. Our favorite song: "We Can Do What We Want."


Although just recently paving her way into the music scene with a string of single releases over the past few months, Scandinavian singer Skott is hard to not pay attention to. Her soft-spoken vocals which contrasts the glittery sounds and deep bass in her music is impressive and completely satisfying to the ears. Our personal favorite "Lack of Emotion", a shimmering disco track, is definitely worth a listen and is among the many singles leading up to her debut album, which we can't wait to get our hands on. 

Noonie Bao


Singer/Songwriter Noonie Bao is more commonly known as the brains behind several songs, from Avicii’s “I Could Be The One” to Charli XCX’s UK Top Ten Hit “Doing It”, than her own beautiful (and tragically underrated) discography. Bao had released her debut album I Am Noonie Bao back in 2012, and her most recent sparkling, pop paradise EP, Noonia, was released in 2015. Recently Bao has assisted pop singer Charli XCX in writing a few songs for her mixtape Number 1 Angel which was released last month. Our favorite track: "I’m In Love"


Neo-Soul band KING has created a fused world of heavy synths and hazy vocals, reminiscing 80's soul. Following the release of the first EP was their debut full length album, We Are Kings, which drew us further into their dreamy, atmospheric allure. "The Right One" starts of the album, taking you to a technicolored paradise, and the album follows with elements of funk and R&B. Don't wait another second and press play on one of our favorite tracks, "Hey".


After being featured on recent hit songs from “You Don’t Know Me” by Jax Jones to Jonas Blue’s “By Your Side, London based singer/songwriter Raye had finally graced the world last year with her EP, Second. Raye’s raw and smokey vocals burn through the five track EP circling around heartbreak. Raye also has a feature on Charli XCX's latest mixtape as well ("Dreamer"). Although not yet receiving the recognition she deserves, she clearly displays the potential to soar higher as she makes her mark on the industry. Our favorite track: "Shhh"

St. Paul & The Broken Bones

Six-piece soul band St. Paul and the Broken Bones first made their way into music with their first EP, Greetings From St. Paul and the Broken Bones, back in 2013. Following with the release of their debut album, Half The City, back in 2014, the band had gained international praise they so rightfully deserve. The lead singer, Paul Janeway, torches each song with smokey vocals reminiscent to Otis Redding and we can’t help but leave each song on repeat. Our favorite song: "Glow"

Kilo Kish

Lakisha Robinson, more popularly known as Kilo Kish, made her way onto the music landscape with her debut EP release Homeschool, which was named as one of the best albums of 2012 by Complex Magazine. Since then the alternative R&B singer had released a series of short EP’s leading up to her full length album, Reflections In Real Time in 2016. The deeply personal album revolves heavily around personal conflicts, philosophical explorations and analyzations of a social media-dependent society. The synth-pop album was received well by few critics and definitely became one of our favorite albums to listen and meditate on. Our favorite track: “Collected Views From Dinner”


R&B singers Niambi Sala and Thandiwe, (who go by Niambi and Thandi), formed themselves into a duo under their band name OSHUN, sharing its name with the Yoruba goddess. The pair act as a Yin & Yang, balancing each other with Niambi's punchy melodies that intertwine with Thandi's smoother vocals. The duo's music reflect current events, with their most recent song "Not My President", as an example, along with their other songs and visuals that circulate around the position of being young black women in today's society. Our favorite song: "Sango"