Lady Gaga stunned the world once again with another incredible performance at this years’ Super Bowl 51 halftime show, showcasing a stellar production filled with some of the most popular hits in her career. The show was watched by 117.5 million people, making it the second most watched halftime show and the most watched show without any guest performers.

The Grammy-award winning singer kicked off the show defying gravity in a custom made Versace body suit as she she opened with "God Bless America" on top of the stadium. The star was accompanied by hundreds of drones lighting up the night sky in red, white and blue while professing her patriotism for her country. The singer then jumped off the roof and made her way on stage as she sang a medley of her greatest hits from “Just Dance” to “Bad Romance”.

Despite how some people praised Gaga for excluding any political statements during her performance, they had clearly missed the graceful, subtle hints that were inherent in the music. From the beginning, Gaga hinted on the current immigration ban with her inclusion of the song “This Land Is Your Land” originally by activist and singer Woody Guthrie. She then followed with her emphasis on the words “indivisible” and “liberty and justice for all,” when quoting a line from the Pledge of Allegiance. After singing just parts of songs from lighter hits such as “Just Dance”, Gaga reminded us how she has always used her music for social commentary with her performance of “Born This Way” in its entirety. She was sure to belt out the lines, “No matter gay, straight or bi, lesbian, transgendered life,” with passion to the millions of people watching, including the vice president who is known for his opposition of the LGBT community and was present at the stadium. Gaga made her statements, emphasizing how the foundation of our country was built upon the notion of unity and equality.

The singer left her heart on the stage and it was clearly evident that the effort she put into this performance was unmatched. From jumping 70 feet down into the stadium and perfectly showcasing her live vocals throughout the intricate choreography and wardrobe changes, the pop singer did not disappoint after she ended the show catching a football while jumping into a pit of foam. The singer received critical acclaim including everyone from Hillary Clinton to Adele, praising her efforts in delivering a spectacular performance and making it clear who the real winner of the night was.