In the midst of a controversial political climate that has set off a series of protests around the world, the importance of raising our voices has never been so crucial. Certain issues that have always been present since last century have been forced to the surface by multiple events. The unjust shootings of hundreds of american citizens, specifically black citizens, ignited the first spark in protests these past few years, and now the alarming inauguration of Donald Trump and his actions in office regarding his ban on citizens from several middle eastern countries (specifically refugees seeking safety), has set off another intense series’ of protests around the world in opposition. These protests, along with the recent worldwide Women’s March, have instilled hope and unified millions of people, reminding each other that despite the tense political climate, that we will not be divided and will fight against what is unjust. 

Many music artists across different genres have always been at the political forefront with some of their songs, and there is no appropriate time than now to use these songs as our anthems to have with us to inspire and spread love with the unpredictable future. From climate change to LGBT rights, we have compiled a list of songs to carry us into the new year with hope and as much positivity as possible. 



Upcoming artist of Iranian descent, Sevdaliza, had released a song recently in wake of the recent muslim ban with a message stating "In protest of the inhuman political climate, I could not rest my head in I will not be able to travel to the United States for indefinite duration, take this message without lights, camera, action. I am solely a messenger. In the brain of love, there is no place for racism nor bigotry.”


Back in Fall of 2015 U.K. rapper M.I.A. released a video for her song "Borders", in light of the refugee crisis in Syria, showing the struggle's that refugee's face seeking safety and opportunities for a better life. Now that the recent muslim ban in the U.S. has been passed, the refugee situation has now been further amplified and the message of this song is needed now more than ever to bring peace and stop closing our borders to those in need.


Released on her Born This Way album in 2011, Lady Gaga's song Scheiße, (which literally translate's to "bullshit" in german), is a club-banging, energy fueled feminist anthem demanding equality for women, and refusing to take any Scheiße from anyone who disagrees. 


From the black empowered album, To Pimp A Butterfly, "Alright" addresses the struggles of black citizens across America and the challenges that have to be overcome every day in the face of hate. This song is an uplifting anthem that assure's every listener of the importance of having hope and positivity when one is confronted with injustice and always standing up for who you are.


In terms of the environmental crisis, which seems to never be taken as seriously as it should, Miley Cyrus reminds the listener that at the end of every polluted day, we only have one sun and one earth. The lyrics show that if we continue to be ignorant in our damaging behaviors and not take the safety of our environment seriously, there will be nowhere left to turn once climate change has reached a point where we cannot heal the earth once we have destroyed it. Hopefully with a more raised awareness of our environmental crisis, we can take more action in the future to protect our environment and prevent the escalation of global climate change.


Being yourself, as sad it may seem, can be dangerous at times, and members of the LGBT community are some of the bravest, unapologetic beings to stand up in the face of discrimination. Love wins more and more every day as members of the community rise up with the understanding that there is nothing wrong with being themselves and they should always be celebrated no matter who they love. P!nk's "Raise Your Glass" proclaims just that and serves as a party anthem reminding us to always raise our glasses and take pride in ourselves.